Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Workshops I am teaching this winter/spring 2015

Hello Everyone;
    Here is a list of workshops I am leading in the next while.
1. Clairvoyant Training Level 3 - one weekend March 14/15 in Sutton, Quebec.
2. Clairvoyant Training 1 - two weekends, March 27/28/29 and April 11/12 also in Sutton, Quebec.
3. Sound Healing 1 - April 25/26 in Montreal at Studio Seed.
   I am also leading the Sutton Gospel Choir. We won't be accepting new members until next September, 2015.
   Please contact me for more information or check out my website where many of your questions may be answered.
                            Blessings;    Trisha

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